Taylor de Tuya, MA, BCBA

Breakthrough Leader
taylor de tuya
“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”Romans 12:21

Taylor de Tuya, Master Degree in ABA, BCBA, Breakthrough Leader

Coverage Area:
B.A. Communications
M.A. Applied Behavior Analysis
University of Miami, Ball State University
I began working as an RBT with Fresh Starts in 2018 after working as a teacher for several years. In 2020, I received my Master’s degree in ABA and eventually, my BCBA credential.
Singing and leading my church’s worship team every week, meeting and talking to new people, and spending time with my husband and my baby girl, Ella.
I was born and raised in Miami, FL.


I have worked with children since I was 15-years-old, teaching music lessons in my spare time and leading the youth at my church. During my college years, I worked as an extended-school-day counselor and a part-time music teacher. After graduating from the University of Miami with a bachelor’s degree in communication, I decided to branch out and began what ended up being a very short career in marketing and public relations. Once I realized I longed to work with children once again, I began working at a small private school as a 3rd grade teacher. One of my students was on the autism spectrum and had an RBT with him in my classroom throughout the school day. This is when I was introduced to ABA and witnessed its positive effects on my student. I asked questions and began learning how to use ABA principles to improve the learning experience for the entire class. It was then that I decided to be a part-time RBT after school and eventually became a full-time RBT. Working as an RBT only encouraged a stronger love for ABA, prompting me to obtain my Master’s and finally, my BCBA certification!