Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis

FreshStart(s) is proud to offer many types of treatment; however ABA is most near and dear to our heart! Comprised of both Comprehensive and Focused programs, we work with children and families covering the full range of the spectrum, with the goal of delivering Real Results for your Real Life!

Comprehensive ABA Treatment

The best example of intensive early intervention ABA treatment, the primary goal of Comprehensive programs is to close the gap between your child’s level of functioning and that of their typically developing peers. Based on decades of research showing that the earlier (and the more intensively) a child can receive ABA the better the outcome, Comprehensive ABA programs are usually comprised of 25-40+ hours per week of 1:1 therapy and cover a wide range of components including (but not limited to): adaptive and self-care skills, community participation, language and communication, safety skills, reduction of interfering or inappropriate behaviors and the building of social relationships. FreshStart(s) recognizes that for many families, especially those who are new to ABA, the sheer number of hours associated with a Comprehensive program may seem intimidating at first, but these families can rest assured that our program recommendations will always align with evidence based research and industry best practices to ensure that their children are given the greatest opportunity to excel!

Focused ABA Treatment

As its name implies, Focused ABA programs are utilized to target more specific areas of need for your child. Usually recommended after a child has received a Comprehensive ABA program, Focused programs are usually 25 or fewer hours per week. Focused programs tend to emphasize specific skills and/or specific behaviors (such as toilet training, verbal behavior, self-injurious behavior reduction, etc.) rather than a more extensive curriculum that would be used in a Comprehensive program.

Both Comprehensive and Focused ABA program can be covered through your insurance. We are in-network with most major private insurance companies. For more information of the insurance companies we work with click here.