Thank you for trusting us as your partner on this journey. FreshStarts was built from personal experience, research, the “Breakthrough Culture”, and focusing on naturalistic, evidenced-based practices. This approach has led us to national and international acclaim and recognition. We are confident we will be able to reach countless Breakthroughs with your child and your entire family.

Through our robust hiring and training processes, FreshStarts ensures that each team member, old and new, is equally qualified and is able to meet exceptionally high standards before they begin to work with your child and your family. Throughout the time you are with FreshStarts, it will be important to remember that all members of your clinical team are therapists, and they are there to perform their professional duties, centered on implementing the procedures that have been laid out in your child’s individualized treatment plan.

As part of our commitment to quality, we will do everything possible to ensure your child’s schedule is always full and therapy remains continuous. Parent Education is especially important in this process as well, and your child’s lead supervisor will explain more about this component of your child’s treatment as you continue to move through the therapy process.

If ever along the way you need any assistance, guidance, or help, never hesitate to contact any of our professional staff, our administrative staff, or our executive staff. This is a journey that reaps amazing benefits, and we can’t wait to get started- if you need assistance completing the intake form, please call 305-279-2286 ext. 2 and one of our staff will lend a helping hand.