Parent Education

Not only does FreshStarts ensure that our clients are reaching their individual goals, but we are also eager to have our caregivers on board with reaching their own goals with our Parent Education Sessions! Through our Parent Education programs, caregivers will have the opportunity to learn the necessary skills required to manage challenging behaviors, increase compliance, and be able to use the tools that our very own therapists use in therapy. Parent Education provides caregivers with insight in how to find solutions to certain issues, prevent disruptive behaviors from occurring, and learn effective strategies for behavioral concerns.

One evidence-based tool which FreshStarts uses includes a Parent Education Manual created by the RUBI Autism Network for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and disruptive behaviors. Using this manual, a trained therapist will guide caregivers on how to apply techniques to manage disruptive behaviors such as tantrums, difficulties with transitions, aggression, and more.

FreshStarts also provides in-vivo sessions which involves a live session between therapist and caregivers where the therapist guides the caregivers on what to do in challenging situations right in your home! This method allows caregivers the chance to ask questions when unsure how to manage an issue as well as practice the skills discussed in parent training sessions.

Parent Education sessions and goals will be client-specific and based off of what skills are most needed to help your family as a whole. Each family will have a home visit completed before beginning Parent Training to specifically target the techniques and tactics that will be most helpful for your family. Then, sessions will be held weekly or bi-weekly to help you learn and implement these effective parenting strategies. For more information on how to get started with our Parent Education Programs, please contact us at