Social Skills Groups

Social Skills Groups are held at Fresh Starts on a bi-weekly basis for children who may need improvement in specific social-emotional skill areas as it would benefit their daily engagements and relationships. The focus of Social Skills Groups is for children to have the opportunity to learn how to best build and maintain relationships as well as develop positive experiences when it comes to engaging with others!

The goal at Fresh Starts is that we target each clients’ specific needs through a Social Skills Assessment prior to beginning groups, and then place each child in a group which will be the best fit for them, as other children in that group will have similar areas of focus.

Some areas of focus for the social skills groups include:



Helping Others

Turn Taking


Following Rules



Self Control



Other Skills

With these topics, we use play and art to make it an enjoyable experience while practicing these necessary skills in life through a team effort! Each group will have about 3-6 kiddos to allow for interaction with others as well as individual attention for each client from the group facilitator. As children continue attending groups, progress with social skills will be assessed weekly and discussed with the supervisor of your child’s case to see that your child’s specific needs and goals are being met.

If you are interested in learning more about how your child can participate in social skills groups, contact us at for more information!