Sophia Ortiz, BS, AA

Breakthrough Coordinator
sophia ortiz freshstarts behavioral therapy
“Not all those who wander are lost”J.R.R. Tolkien, Fellowship of the Ring

Sophia Ortiz, BS, AA, Breakthrough Coordinator

B.S. Physical Therapy, A.A. in Early Childhood Education
Universidad de las Americas (EC), B.S.
Union County College, A.A.
7 years as a mom, 7 years of experience as a patient oriented physical therapist, 3 years of experience on the medical management area.
I love doing yoga and rock climbing. I take my kids and my fur baby for park trips, we have *random dance* moments. I always loved reading, but now I read whenever I get a chance. I’m certified LPF instructor so breathing and posture are a must for my days!
Born in Quito- Ecuador. Raised in central New Jersey. Living in Miami, FL.


My full name is Monica Sophia Ortiz Ortega, but I go by Sophia. I’m the Breakthrough Coordinator at FreshStarts’ main Miami office. I always knew I wanted to become a physical therapist, so my whole life revolved around that one goal. When I was a kid I move to New Jersey with my siblings and my dad. After a few twists and turns I got my Bachelors in physical therapy in Ecuador. I worked in recovery and injury prevention mainly with young athletes and in women’s health. On March 2020, we came for vacation with my family to Miami, but the pandemic hit and beautiful Miami convinced us to stay here for the long run. I love challenges and I’m highly adaptable so I decided to shift from the clinical field to the admin area; it’s been a beautiful learning journey to round me as a professional. I feel FreshStarts has been serving, for more than a decade, with so much purpose and results that every minute at the office I feel I’m making a change in the community. Having the honor to work with a great team of experienced BCBAs and RBTs fills my heart with joy… through the service we are leaving a better world for my children and future generations. As importantly, I’m learning to see the world through the kind eyes and hearts of Taylor and Brett. I’m so grateful I get to work and keep growing by their side! It’s my absolute pleasure to assist others, so you can always reach me through a call or an email, whether you’re a parent, a BCBA, an RBT or an aspirant to any of these. There’s so much more to learn and do and I can’t wait to hear more Breakthrough stories and maybe return to the clinical field … who knows!?