Taylor Tapia, Finance & MKT

Founder and CFO
Taylor Tapia
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Taylor Tapia, Finance & MKT, Founder and CFO

Finance and Marketing
University of Miami
During our junior year at the University of Miami, Brett approached me about entering the Business School’s annual business plan competition-his idea was a company centered around helping the families of children with developmental disabilities. After winning the competition, the pressure was on to make the plan a reality and we worked hard, meeting with various professionals and with families with children in therapy, to eventually reshape the plan into an ABA company specializing in programs for children on the autism spectrum and the rest is history!
When I’m not working I enjoy relaxing with my husband and our friends and trying to take advantage of the many things there are to do in S. Florida! On the weekends you will often find us kayaking or spending time meandering through the Grove and Wynwood.
Born and raised in S. Florida; came to Miami for college and never left!


I’m Taylor, co-founder and CFO of FreshStart(s) Behavioral Therapy. While my title might be CFO, at FreshStarts I wear many hats including helping to oversee scheduling, billing, and insurance authorizations (among some other things!). My goal is to help orchestrate the “behind-the-scenes,” but incredibly important, aspects of your child’s program to allow our clinical team to focus on creating the most comprehensive and effective treatment possible for you child!

Based out of our Miami office, I am always available to help guide you through the maze of insurance coverage, answer questions you have pertaining to your program or it’s team members, and to make sure you understand the process of treatment as clearly as possible. Feel free to stop by and pay me a visit!

We look forward to working together with you and your family to help your child reach their highest potential breakthrough by breakthrough!