Kaitlin Samuel, MA, BCABA

Consulting Breakthrough Director
Katlin Samuel
Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.Oscar Wilde

Kaitlin Samuel, MSHCA., BS Bio Med, MA, BCABA, Consulting Breakthrough Director

Medical Assistant
B.S. Bio Medical Health Sciences
B.A. Anthropology
Masters in Health Care Administration
Pima Medical Institute, Grand Canyon University
Years of Experience: 10 years
Kickboxing, Traveling, and Baking
Born and raised: Phoenix, Arizona
Two Favorite Techniques: Positive Reinforcement & Extinction


My name is Kaitlin Samuel and I am a Breakthrough Director (BCaBA) for FreshStart(s). As a Breakthrough Director and therapist, I utilize the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to make meaningful changes in behavior. Starting in 2007, I became fascinated with the medical field and became a nursing assistant in hospitals working with various patients from emergency treatment to critical care and more. From there, I dedicated my studies to further my education and received my Bachelors of Science in Bio Medical Health Sciences with a concentration in Spanish and later a Masters in Health Care Administration. Diving into the world of Autism during college, I found my passion and future career. Currently, I provide in-home support, problem solving, training, and supervision in early intervention for children with behavior problems. I have experience with both children and adults teaching and implementing ABA techniques replacing unwanted behavior with appropriate and/or functional behavior. I have experience with various diagnosis ranging from Autism to Angelman Syndrome and Downe Syndrome, etc., conducting consultations and assessments, providing intense potty training, PECS systems, feeding programs, functional communication training, academic help, parent training and more. My goal is to impact as many lives as I can, making significant changes in people’s daily lives.