Brett Warner, MGT & MKT

Founder and CEO
Brett Warner
The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.Arthur C. Clarke

Brett Warner, MGT & MKT, Founder and CEO

Management and Marketing
University of Miami
Florida Institute of Technology for ABA
I have been working with children and adults on the spectrum, with down's syndrome, and other developmental disorders since 2005. Then I obtained a business degree.
My cats... absolutely. As well as bike riding, cooking, movies (I am BIG into film), music (I am BIG into music), jogging, and trying not to work too hard. 😉
Born and raised in Miami, FL!


Greetings! In my opinion, you have come to the right company at the right time. My name is Brett, and I am a founder and the CEO of FreshStart(s) Behavioral Therapy- home of the Breakthrough Culture… now, I am not a BCBA, a BCaBA, or even an RBT- I studied business at the University of Miami (marketing and management) in order to allow the rest of my clinical staff to focus solely on their clinical duties. Since 2011, we have developed amazing programming, training, curricula, and an AMAZING company culture, which, of course, is my favorite part of a business because it trickles down to the effectiveness of the services we offer.

You may see me time to time as I like to visit families and meet our clients in person. This is a joy that I have had since I was in Sophomore year of high school. Children and families dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder or any related disorder are extremely special and deserve extra attention and services. We are proud to offer them all to you here at FreshStart(s). I am equally joyed to let you know we have created a culture at FreshStart(s) in which the majority (88%) of our supervisory staff started out at the bottom level and worked their way up! That, along with our other accomplishments, is what we strive for, on a business level.

We are also a Behavioral Health Center of Excellence since 2016, I won Entrepreneur of the Year from the Miami Chamber of Commerce, was accepted into Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses Program and represented our company in front of Congress, and we have highest in Staff Satisfaction 2015-2016…. which says a lot.

I hope you get to know the rest of our clinical staff and my business partner, Taylor, as they make the magic happen- but once again, I think you came to the right place. Let’s get the Breakthroughs going!!!


Brett Warner

Founder and CEO