Covid-19 Safety

This information will be updated as necessary based on CDC guidelines. These guidelines are not to replace medical advice or recommendations from a physician or other healthcare provider.

**We strongly recommend receiving a flu shot this season to reduce illness from the annual flu.

Covid-19 Ongoing Policies:
• 1. Therapists should be asking families PRIOR to the start of therapy if anyone in their home is experiencing the common symptoms (and therapists are required to provide the family with the same information about themselves or other’s they reside with); if symptoms exist therapy should be temporarily suspended (see below for
more specific procedures on the suspension of services if you are unsure of what to do).
Common symptoms include:
▪ FEVER -Specifically related to fevers, if therapist OR client (or a family
member of a therapist or a client who resides in the same house) presents
with a fever, please inform the office immediately so we can begin
tracking the days; in general, if a therapist or client (or family member)
presents with fever, therapy will be suspended for at least 5 days, and for 3
additional days past whenever the last presented with a fever.

• 2. Wash your hands often-the suggested procedure is to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, using soap and warm water
▪ Therapists are REQUIRED to wash their hands upon entering the clients
home/school; to wash their hands and the hands of the client at least once per session (but ideally every 30-45 min); and upon exiting the client’s
home/school, for each client/appointment in the day. Supervisors should ensure this procedure is being followed during supervisory sessions.

• 3. Avoid any unnecessary contact with others (in terms of therapy, this would include limiting hand over hand prompting, and/or using physical forms of reinforcement such as high-fives, tickles, hugs, pats on the back, etc.)
Other precautions:
o Social skills groups are taking place via telehealth until further notice.
o Therapists who use therapy materials (toys, games, pens, pencils, etc.) with multiple clients MUST sanitize materials in-between uses
o Therapists are strongly encouraged to use hand sanitizer (in addition to the hand washing procedures stated above)- we have some in the office and have advised any therapist in need of some that they may come to pick some up.
o Therapists are strongly encouraged to use gloves when administering edible reinforcers to their clients.-proceed with caution when using gloves; following strict hand-washing procedures is still proving to be more effective than the use of gloves.
• Therapists are strongly encouraged to wear a mask during therapy HOWEVER if a therapist is presenting any of the common symptoms, therapy should be cancelled based on the expanded sick policy above.- we have sufficient PPE and have advised any therapist in need to pick some up.
Precautions should also be taken when not on the job, including social distancing and mask wearing to prevent the spread of the virus.
Upon symptoms, illness or contact with someone who has been confirmed as “positive”:
• Symptoms but no known contact:
o Therapist should notify the office and request to cancel sessions while
symptomatic; testing in this circumstance will be at the discretion of the therapist
UNLESS they have had known contact with someone who has tested positive, in which case they will be required to go for testing and may not return to work unless they receive negative OR they have gone 3 days without symptoms (or requiring any cold medicine etc.). If the therapist does NOT go for testing, they must follow the “3 days symptom-free” rule.
• Symptoms (or no symptoms) with known contact:
o Therapist should notify the office and request to cancel sessions immediately upon discovering they were in contact with someone who tested positive. Therapist will be required to go for testing. Therapist may ONLY return to work if they receive negative results OR (if results are delayed) they have gone at least 7 days from contact with the person and are symptom free for 3 consecutive days; if they are experiencing symptoms, they should remain out of work until they have received negative results OR they have gone 3 days “symptom-free.” In both
scenarios involving “known-contact” it will be at the discretion of the therapist AND the family on when the therapist can return to work.

**These policies and procedures are based on the most up-to-date guidelines provided by the
CDC and NIH.

Please contact us for any additional information at 305-279-2286 ext. 2 or