The Trustee Group

What is It?


Our Trustee Group® is exactly that; a trusted group of people comprised of experts in psychology, autism, behavioral therapy and other related disciplines. They provide input and guidance on difficult cases where our Breakthrough Leaders believe an outside opinion can shed light on developing a more effective treatment plan. This includes cases with additional complications, unique circumstances, or behaviors that are not commonly dealt with.

The Trustee Group® builds on our philosophy that collaboration can lead to better Breakthroughs, and offers all of our clients a second opinion, when necessary, from people who are pre-screened, credentialed, trusted, and of course, believe in each child reaching their full potential. We will always consult with the client's legal guardian prior to asking for an opinion, share the background of your Trustee with you, ask for your approval to put their advice into action in your child's treatment plan, and distort any personal identifiable health information from the Trustee.*

*All members of the Trustee Group® are offering advice on programming for behavioral and educational improvement. All Trustees have consented to and signed an appropriate Business Associate Agreement with FreshStart(s) which outlines our comprehensive privacy policy.

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