The (FS) Process




1. Consultation Request:

From the moment you click or call to request a consultation, one of our Breakthrough Leaders will contact you to set up an initial meeting at the primary place of future therapy. This consultation has a few goals: to familiarize you with your Breakthrough Leader, answer any questions you may have, and exchange all necessary information, on both sides, to move forward.
Our standard Service Agreement and all of our responsibilities (and yours) will be outlined at this initial meeting, in addition to payment information and insurance coverage, if applicable.

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2. Observation

Following your consultation, an assessment will take place to determine the short and long term goals of the therapy program. At the assessment, your Breakthrough Leader will observe your child and determine where to begin the program and who will be working with you as your Breakthrough Team member. The assessment enables us to create a program completely catered to your child's unique strengths, weaknesses and behaviors using all of the most up-to-date assessment criteria.

3. Behavior Plan

Following your assessment, your Breakthrough Leader will use the information gathered as well as information you provide to construct a comprehensive behavior intervention plan. The plan will be available to you through your online Breakthrough Journal, as well as in your Breakthrough Binder that will remain in your home. Focusing on behavioral Breakthroughs and learning interventions, the behavior plan will be used as a guide for on-going therapy and will be amended when necessary to include higher level goals following scientifically proven curricula.


1. Insurance Approval

To ease the burden of obtaining authorization for our services, we will request certain insurance information from you at different times during the process (if applicable). We handle all insurance related issues for you, and provide you with all of the relative information regarding your insurance plan benefits and deductible. Our goal is to partner with you to attain our services in the most affordable way possible, and to keep you aware of your plan's benefits and state-mandated insurance coverage for our services.

2. Scheduling of the Breakthrough Team

Depending on the number of hours of therapy per week your Breakthrough Leader recommends, your child will be assigned a Breakthrough Team members to commence on-going therapy. When scheduling, the Breakthrough Leader will attempt to take into account your personal schedule constraints while balancing the availability of the Breakthrough Team member they feel is the best match for your child. See our FAQs regarding who must be present for therapy sessions and other information regarding location and scheduling. The Breakthrough Leader’s ultimate goal is to create a schedule that is most beneficial in helping your child achieve Breakthroughs.


1. Real Time Supervision

When therapy has commenced, supervision by your Breakthrough Leader will occur continuously. Prior to arriving at your home to initiate therapy, each Breakthrough Team member will be well-versed on your child and their behavior plan, and will construct specific programming with your Breakthrough Leader that will help your child reach goals faster.

Our use of technology enables our Team members to be in constant communication with their Breakthrough Leader and capture difficulties of the programming as well as behavioral Breakthroughs.

2. The Benefits of Videos

Not only do session videos allow our Breakthrough Leaders to constantly supervise your child's therapy, but they also allow you to witness their Breakthroughs first-hand. Each session's highlights are posted to your online Breakthrough Journal, where you will have the ability to share your child's progress with friends and family with the click of a button.

3. Generalization

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of any intensive ABA therapy program is the continuation of lessons taught during therapy into everyday life. This is called generalization, and our process has built-in techniques to increase the occurrence and ease of generalization.

4. On-Going Training/ Trustee Group

In addition to being continuously monitored by their Breakthrough Leaders, your Team member will also attend weekly meetings to collaborate on new programming techniques and take part in on-going training classrooms. Materials for therapy will be provided to your Team member from
our offices.

If difficulties arise in reaching specific Breakthroughs, your Breakthrough Leader may choose to consult our Trustee Group® for advice on how to address the issues. Click here for more information on our Trustee Group®.


1. The Breakthrough Journal

After each month of on-going therapy, your Breakthrough Leader will attend a regularly scheduled therapy session in order to supervise face-to-face, offer suggestions, answer questions, but most importantly, evaluate progress made in reaching the goals dictated in the behavior plan. A formal program update will be provided to you, and interactive goal tracking within your online Breakthrough Journal will reflect progress made. The monthly meetings will include monthly data tracking, which will also be available in your Breakthrough Journal and Breakthrough Binder.

2. Next Month's Scheduling

Pending any changes in your child's availability for therapy and any foreseen conflict with your Team member's schedule, your next month's schedule may be amended or modified, and you will continue to receive semi-monthly schedules by e-mail and mail, if requested. The general Service Agreement explains in more formal detail how changes in unforeseen scheduling conflicts are handled. If you have any further questions or require additional information, please contact us

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