Real Life Real Results

We come into your life with a unique approach- we train our Breakthrough Teams to understand the real life situation you are in, and give them all the tools necessary so they can focus on one thing: bringing you real results. With an office full of supplies and professionals in the field at their disposal, our teams can go to their clients completely focused and prepared, wasting none of your time or money.

Most importantly, they can focus their energy on getting your child to Breakthroughs more efficiently.

Real Life

We are here to build a partnership with you to help you through a difficult time in your life. We come into your home with positivity, knowing that this partnership will pay off. We work hard to instill you with that same positivity, and keep you completely up-to-date on behavioral developments as they come.

We completely understand the difficult situation you are in, and we are prepared to tackle the situation with you, as a team. At FreshStart(s), it's not only about your child or the therapy, but about the mutual understanding of the situation at hand that affects the entire family.

Real Results

Our methodology, fostering company culture and commitment to Real Life, allows us to deliver Real Results– behavioral changes and increased learning that your child will use in play, school and work. Real results that give your child a real life. Our programs focus on eliminating the toughest behaviors first, so they no longer get in the way of learning, by using the most up to date assessments and programming (such as the ABLLS-R).

From there, we introduce programming that will raise your child to new levels of educational ability and function. No matter where they are when they start with us, there is only one direction to go: up. Our Breakthrough Leaders are constantly attending workshops and doing research to stay up-to-date on the newest treatment techniques, always backed by scientific research.

Our array of supplies, computer programs, technology and levels of expertise within our Breakthrough Teams allow us to customize every program to the unique strengths and weaknesses of each child.

Our Full-Circle Approach

In addition to our philosophy of Real Life, Real Results, we also believe in a full-circle approach to behavioral therapy. Whether a family visits our website, just to browse, or immediately requests a consultation with us, they are entering our circle. Our forums and blogs can help a skeptical mother learn the signs of autism before a diagnosis, our resource center can direct her to a trusted professional to receive a diagnosis, and our therapy programming can take her child to new heights. We don't believe in the client-employee relationship, but rather a team approach.

A Breakthrough Leader and their Breakthrough Team will always be thinking about your child- meeting weekly to collaborate on better, more effective methods to reach the next Breakthrough. Someone will always be available for you to talk to- with open ears and open hearts to help you through this real life experience.

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